Hi guys! It's been so long since our last update! It has been pretty crazy these past few months, many many changes, and it has been difficult for us to find the time and energy to share more!


As creators and creatives we need time to recover our energy and it's not always possible. As you already know, we moved to Amsterdam in July and we couldn't be happier! We love this city and our new apartment! We never really did imagine ourselves living here, but we needed a change and found this 2 bedroom apartment on the same day it was put online so we contacted the owners, came to Amsterdam for one day to see it and it all worked out! It was just meant to be! Do you know that feeling? One of the reason why we wanted to leave Berlin was because we had a very small place and we were traveling so much and just wanted to come back to a place we loved, a place that felt like home, with our own things and furniture.  Also we wanted to have a space where we can work from home and be inspired! 


Here you can see some images of what it looked like when it was almost completely empty. So much space and those big windows, we are so lucky to be living here! These past few months we have been sharing already some little updates on our stories and we also posted some images these past few days, but we didn't really share what the place exactly looked like. We've slowly been receiving furniture pieces and deco from different brands that we love, we will be sharing some more soon. In case you just moved to a new place and don't know where to start or maybe you are excited to redecorate your place, we totally recommend to check Sofacompany and Innovation Living for cool armchairs and sofas. Urbanara is definitely one of our favorite websites to buy bedsheets, cushions, decoration, rugs (still need to find the right one), lamps and so much more. Also check out Harto furniture, they have really beautiful sideboards, coffee tables, lamps designed in France. We both really love a touch of minimalism. Menu is also a must if you like Scandinavian design! 


We feel like we are finally home, we don't know for how long since you never know what will come, but for now, this was definitely the right move for us. After talking about moving for over a year and having considered cities like London, Paris or Barcelona, somehow it feels like Amsterdam chose us! So, what do you think? Oh and feel free to share you favorite furniture brands with us, we still need some tips!

Olja & Mauricio