Mauricio F. Corridan & Olja Ryzevski 

Coming from very different backgrounds and cultures, Mauricio & Olja met in Switzerland in 2011 where they both worked in online marketing for the same company. They moved to Berlin shortly after and in 2013 they both decided to pursue a more creative path in their lives and started a BA in photography. With a very high standard and unique combination of styles, together they create high quality content. After spending a semester abroad in Seoul, South Korea, they moved back to Berlin in 2016, where they have been working a lot with brands as photographers and bloggers. After working on so many projects and collaborations together, they decided it was time to join forces and create a platform to showcase their work and skills. Since they're both travel addicts, they have a blog where they share their experiences, travels and personal thoughts. Their Travel photography has been featured on Instagram Germany and on Online magazines and travel sites such as iGNANT or Passion Passport. Their collaboration with Vince was featured on InStyle USA.


Mauricio F. Corridan was born in Ireland, nevertheless, raised in The Canary Islands, Spain. An Advertising and Public Relations major, who sought a more creative and artistic path. His interest in Portrait, Fashion and Staged Photography started and grew stronger throughout his studies, when he started staging and portraying Olja.   

Olja Ryzevski was born in Siberia, but spent part of her childhood in Crimea on the Black Sea and the other part in Germany, where she studied a BA in Economics. Olja had always been very interested in photography and fashion. Her love for traveling awakened an interest in lifestyle photography. On May 2017, Olja was nominated in the upcoming category at the AboutYou Awards, the biggest blogger/Influencer Awards in Germany. 


With group exhibitions in Seoul, Berlin and Hamburg, Mauricio and Olja are now currently focusing more in the Fashion branche and have worked with brands like Calvin Klein, Burberry or Cartier.